How to Identify Problems in a Used Car

You have probably heard that you should be critical when shopping for a used car. This is because it is easy to make a costly decision that will leave a dent in your wallet. Some used cars need costly repairs that add a significant amount on the final price of the car. When you visit apex auto, you should inspect the cars to identify some of the possible problems with the car.

Shake the car to check if the shocks are worn out

You can tell if a car’s shock absorbers are still in great shape without driving it on a bumpy road. Simply get hold of the roof of the car, and shake it then let go of your hands. If the car continues to move up and down, the shock absorbers are still in great condition. However, if the car stops shaking as soon as you let go of your hands, you will need to replace the shocks of that car should you choose to buy it.

used cars in apex

Slow response when you change gears

If there car you are considering buying at apex auto, when you take it for a test drive, listen to how the transmission responds to the commands. It is much easier to tell if a manual transmission has problems. It is more challenging to tell if an automatic transmission has problems. However, if you are keen, you can tell when the car is taking time to respond to any changes. For example, if you are changing the gear from R to D, the response needs to be immediate. If it takes time for the car to respond from D1 to D2, chances are the gearbox has a problem.

Listen for any sounds

When you take the car for a test drive, listen for any sounds. When you accelerate and brake, listen to the car’s response. You should also find a space where you can turn the car fully without being forced to reverse. Listen for any sounds from the steering wheel as you turn it left and right.

This is a critical step when you are still making up your mind about the car to buy.  After this test drive, you will be closer to deciding if the car is for you or not. Although the process may seem to involve, it is necessary if you are to leave apex auto  with the perfect car.