Indah Express – An Artistic Dream Transport Company!

It is the leading provider of shipping packages and cargo throughout Java and Sumatra. Indah Express Cargo is known for its extensive network of agents in branches throughout the archipelago.

  • Prices

This cargo provider uses a building method that involves contacting one of theirs. Freight forwarding sales agents via WhatsApp chat or voice call. Four price codes. You have to chat with customer services, and it will take hardly 5 minutes to respond. This is the fastest medium to get a price quote. Customers share their order information with the person in charge, creating a price estimate for them.

  • Standard services

It also provides standard services like door-to-door and toll services: parking, insurance, customer service, and tracking. Recognizing free traditional services can help customers avoid hidden costs and determine the convenience of ordering.

  • About the expedition provider

This provider is famous for its focus On freight transport services. That is LTL. And its parents. Indah logistics. It also provides one truck service, FTL, and less load, LTL.

  • Service area coverage

It provides a beautiful national service for businesses that needs trucks. And delivery of goods throughout Indonesia.

  • Booking method

You can contact the nearest agent and wait for instructions in case of booking.

  • Service type

This is a company engaged in the business of goods transportation services with the aim of all provinces and districts in Indonesia. Currently, the available Goods delivery destinatiOn is throughout Indonesia, from Sabang to Me content. The range of delivery of goods is available through six express services. They are

  1. Land and Sea shipping: This service was created to answer customer needs for small and large-scale delivery of goods in Indonesia.
  2. City Courier: Pickup and delivery service in one area. We are prioritizing the lead time of the pickup and delivery process in a matter of hours.
  3. Air shipping: Their services will be coordinated by issuing a receipt airway bill on their behalf.
  4. Land express: Delivery service Via.Rail. Transportation with door-to-door.
  5. Trucking : Freight forwarding services via land use. A fleet of cars and trucks between cities or islands. Ideal for the bulk of rental items.
  6. Towing: It is a company engaged in transporting motorbikes and cars using cleans within Jakarta and between cities and provinces.


Suppose your order consists of goods in Moderate quantities and you. Indah Express is the right choice if you need to rent a truck. It focuses on delivering cargo.