Simple Steps to Store Your Documents Safely

Your paper documents are very important and must be kept safely. They can get torn easily and you will have to take extra caution when handling the papers.  One of the best ways to store paper documents so that it can remain safe for as long as you want it to be stored is by storing the documents in document storage boxes. The boxes will help to keep your documents safe from the elements and also ensure that no pest can attack them. If you do not have the right environment to store these sensitive documents at home or in your office, you can simply come over to Hongkong Storage and store the documents there.

The outlet has got what it takes to keep our important documents safe for as long as you want.  In the remaining part of this write-up, you will learn about how you can keep your documents safe with Hongkong Storage.

document box

How to store your documents

When storing your documents in any of the document storage boxes at Hongkong Storage, you should follow the steps highlighted below:

  • First of all, arrange the files that you want to store according you their departments, year and other criteria. The documents should be arranged in the storage boxes in line with the criteria mentioned above so that you can easily locate the files at a later date when you need to use any of them.
  • You should also mark each of the boxes in which the documents are stored with numbers so that you will know the box in which you have stored a particular document. This is very important if you are storing documents in multiple boxes.
  • After you have filled the Document Storage Boxes with the documents and covered it, you should seal the boxes using the seal made available by Hongkong Storage.
  • You do not have to bring the boxes to Hongkong Storage warehouse by yourself; you can contact the warehouse to come and pick them up. You can get in touch with the Customer Service via fax, email or call.
  • Once the boxes arrive at the warehouse, Hongkong Storage will apply barcode label on the boxes and also put details of each of the boxes in the warehouse management system.
  • When the time comes to retrieve the documents you store here you only need to contact the Customer Service via fax, email or call. After confirming your request, the outlet will arrange for transportation and forward the documents to you.