Choosing colored lenses: an overview of types

There have always been many myths around ordinary contact lenses, not to mention colored ones. And this is not surprising even the usual glasses can be considered unhealthy, and when it comes to direct contact with the eyeball. Here are microbes, and lack of oxygen, and allergens. For those who have never tried contact lenses, the reaction is to shrug their shoulders cautiously in an attempt to imagine touching the eye.

Colored contact lenses are an easy and quick way to change your image. With coloured contact lens singapore you can:

  • emphasize the natural shade of the eyes;
  • radically change the color;
  • change the shape, color, and size of the iris.

coloured contact lens singapore

Colored lenses are harmful to the eyes and less comfortable. Some fear the harmful effects of colored contact lenses due to the effect of paint on the cornea. Modern products reduce this risk to zero the painted surface of the lenses does not come into contact with the iris. Another issue is that usually colored lenses have less air permeability. This means that the mode of wearing them is somewhat shorter than that of similar colorless products. The recommended period of continuous use is indicated on each package, but on average is no more than 6–8 hours, less often – up to 24 hours.

Colored lenses distort colors. This is not entirely true. In daylight, the problem is not to be feared. But for the dark, colored lenses are not very suitable. The problem is that visual signals enter the brain through the pupil, for which there is an unpainted speck in the center of the lens. But in poor light, the pupil inevitably expands, going beyond the boundaries of the area intended for it. At such moments, there is a feeling of “shroud” or “interference” before the eyes.