Railway Sleepers generally come in different sizes in reclaimed and new, hardwood and softwood. The reclaimed sleepers are generally used for supporting the railway lines; and have worn appearance that makes them perfect for traditional rustic look. Square edged sleepers are well-suited to the contemporary scheme. From past some years sleepers have actually seen a new trend because of the versatility & ruggedness when it is used in the landscaping projects. They’re used to form the planters and act as the edging as well as are perfect for retaining walls. But, the question is what are sleepers and which is the right option?

Hardwood and Softwood Sleepers

The hardwood sleepers will weigh over 50 kg because of the higher density compared to softwood. It makes them very long lasting when used in the ground and makes them perfect for the retaining walls as well as permanent garden structures.

The softwood sleepers are sourced from Baltics & are simple to handle, and cut. Colour of the softwood sleepers can change to the grey or silver colour with time. The softwood sleepers are smaller and lighter, and simple to manoeuvre.


Ideas for the Best Sleeper

Possibilities for making use of the wooden sleepers in the garden are limitless. Here are some ideas for getting started…

  • Retaining Walls –They are made from horizontal or vertical wooden sleepers will terrace the garden, fence off the BBQ and pool area, and will level out the sloping garden very nicely.
  • Raised Beds – You can add the new dimension to the garden by using the sleepers to create the raised flower beds. When you mix old and weathered sleepers with the new sleepers will create interesting lines in the garden design.
  • Steps – No matter whether it is some simple steps or flight of stairs, used or new sleepers will offer the most unique solution.