Basically women will drink alcohol lesser in quantity when compared to men. But the effects of alcohol in their body are considered to be higher than men. This is the reason why alcohol is considered to be more dangerous for women. This article is about some of the adverse effects which are caused because of alcohol addiction in women.

Breast cancer

As we all know in the recent days, the number of women getting exposed to breast cancer is highly increasing. And alcohol consumption is considered to be the most important reason behind this problem. The women who have the habit of taking alcohol regularly will get developed with the risk of breast cancer. Apart from breast cancer, this also pays way for the neck cancer.


The women who have alcohol addiction will have problem in getting pregnant. That is they will suffer from the problem of infertility. And one must also remember that taking alcohol at the time of pregnancy is more dangerous than they sound to be. This will affect both the mother and the infant. It can be said that the consequences of alcohol over the infant is more harmful than they sound to be. Hence at the time of pregnancy women should stop consuming alcohol.

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Brain damage

As mentioned above, the effects of alcohol will be higher in women. Even though this affects the mental stability in men, its effects are considered to be severe in women. In women, the alcohol will kill the brain cells in the faster rate. And this leads to many mental and physical disorders. The women who get exposed to this problem are supposed to undergo a prolonged treatment.


The women with alcohol addiction will get victimized easily when compared to other women. They can be easily driven towards sexual assault and other violent activities. Obviously getting trapped in these kinds of activities will ruin their future to a greater extent.

Apart from these, the women will get exposed to several other health disorders beyond one’s imagination. In order to keep them away from these hassles, they are supposed to be taken to the drug rehab center. There are many Denver rehab centers which are specially meant for the recovery of women. One can approach such centers to recover women completely from the problems of addiction. And this is also the safest way for getting rid of drug addiction.