What It Takes To Be An Interior Designer?

While a career in interior design is lucrative, not everyone is cut out for the job. Becoming an interior designer may not appeal to everyone. It entails a lot of challenges on a daily basis. For others who get excited with decorating rooms and arranging furniture, interior design can open doors to a lucrative job. Here are some things you need to know about boulder interior design and becoming an interior designer.

Decorator Is Different From Designer

Anyone can be a decorator but not everyone can be a designer. If you like playing with colors, fabrics, and textiles, you can be a decorator. However, a designer needs to have an associate or bachelor’s degree to work in the field.

Knack for Design

To land a career in boulder interior design, you need to have a flair for color, spatial arrangements, architecture, and textiles. To be effective as an interior designer, you need to follow your passion for design.

Designing Is Not All Fabric and Fun

Although fabrics, furniture, and color can be useful in interior design, there are other tasks that need to be done which can make the work more fun. Interior designers should also be knowledgeable in the history of design, building integrity, building codes, spatial concepts, ergonomics, to name just a few. As an interior designer, you will be working with not only homeowners but also builders, architects, business owners, government agencies, and others.

Salary Is Not High As You Think

The salary of an interior designer is dependent on various factors such as education, work experience, location, and size of company. For example, an interior designer working at a furniture company will have a lower salary than a designer employed in a high-end architectural company. The good news is that you can increase your salary by gaining experience and education. Someone with knowledge in the field of architecture, building codes/laws, and structural design are likely to get high pay.

You Need To Be People Oriented

To become successful in interior design, you need an ability to please other people. You need to be someone who can drive clients towards a favorable result while giving them the feeling that they are still in control of their design choices. You need to strike a balance between your design decision and your client’s requirement.

Develop a Portfolio

You can talk to your client all you want about colors and textiles but without a clear sample of your previous projects and designs, your success will be few and far between. If you are just a fresh graduate, you may have to offer your services for free or at a reduced rate to build a portfolio.