Juicers are one of the best kitchen appliances that you could ever ask for especially if you are the kind of person who loves to make their own drink to make sure that it is healthy or if you are a mom who has difficulty making her children eat healthy food, then you can just make a drink for him/her.

There are many Juicer Pressers being sold in the market today. Each of them is special and you will surely have a hard time deciding whether you want to get the silver one, or the black one. But you have to make sure that it does its job and fits your standards. Otherwise, you’ll be wasting money. So, what is the best professional juicer according to experts? There are a lot considering the different wants and needs of people.

The Best Juicers out there

  • BREVILLE Juice Fountain Elite- what’s good about Breville is it preserves the nutrients and enzymes your fruit has. It is perfect for those who are so conscious about their health. It also has a special mechanism where it won’t start unless everything is locked into place. You also don’t have to worry about your child’s prying hands reaching into its juicing chamber because it’s too deep for fingers to reach.
  • Champion Juicer G5-PG710- champion has been used by many customers for many years and it really does its job. It is easy to assemble and has 2 inches wide feed tube which makes it not a problem for continuous juicing. It’s quite heavy so it’s designed to stay put in your kitchen countertop only. What’s also nice about Champion is you can just pour olive or coconut oil to keep it from jamming. Easy fix, right?
  • Omega J8004- Omega will juice any kinds of fruits and vegetables that you want and is also perfect in making fresh food items that you like as well. It is a slow juicer which means you won’t have to worry about heat damage in your juice and froth forming on it. It has very little noise which is perfect if you wake up early in the morning and you have family members that are light sleepers.

Three juicer pressers mean less stress in decision making. These juicers are what most people purchase because it is proven that they do their jobs accordingly. It is important that when you buy, buy something than you can adapt to right away. Not something that you just wanted because of its colour. Always look into its factors first.