To speak of Blockchain is to speak of controversy. Even more in recent weeks, after the great cyberattack that occurred around the world, he highlighted a great point against: anonymity. But we cannot lose sight of the fact that it is a technology recognized as the most influential for the future of business. Its history dates back to 2008, when Blockchain was introduced as a way to increase cyber security and transform the way in which people and companies make electronic transactions.Click here for bitcoin price.

Adoption in technology

Security in the adoption of technology by companies is one of its strongest characteristics since the data is distributed in a network and not centralized in a single server. In practice, this significantly minimizes threats by hackers, who to invade a data source would need to enter all computers that distribute information at the same time. Many experts consider that Blockchain is not only a disruptive technology, but something fundamental for all businesses.Visit this site for bitcoin price.

It is also a technology that can be applied in any business, but I highlight two cases in which it can be well used and make a difference: in banking institutions and in government departments. In the first case, current banking systems are known to be vulnerable to fraud.

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In front of hackers

With Blockchain, an online bank would not be necessary, as valuable information would not have a centralized access point, in this case the bank’s site. With this, hackers could not obtain as much information from so many people in a short period of hours.

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But since nothing is perfect, there are a few ways for hackers to invade Blockchain systems. Firstly, there are possibilities of human failures and corruptions, and secondly, it is possible that there are failures in some disabled point of the network and in this way, harm communication between all.

As for bitcoins, the cybercurrency that inaugurated the use of Blockchain in the world, although it is a safe currency to use against inflation or devaluation, it can be hit. An example of this is the known hijacking of company data in more than 150 countries for a few weeks. It is the weak point of anonymity of transactions, which can favor the most malicious.