Nails are very important. Without nails, people can’t perform their work easily. Nails served as the strength of the fingers. Without it, fingers will not perform its job properly. But, aside from the literal purpose of the nails, it can also be an added fashion style of an individual. Both men and women can beautify their finger and toenails by way of manicure. It cleaned and put nails into a wanted shape. But, women are the most stylish when it comes to nail beautification. They wanted to have long and colorful nails. This is the reason why women spend an effort to maintain beautiful nails. But, not all nails are in good shape. There is the unwanted shape of nails that manicurist can help. For women who wanted to have an average length of nails perfect to apply nail polish, fake nails can be an answer.

How to lengthen nails in an instant?

To lengthen the nails in an instant can be possible. It does not need to wait for a week or weeks. It takes even 1-2 hours, then you can have than beautiful length and color of nails. Gel uñas semipermanente creates a beautiful look of a nail with natural effect. You will never think that it is not a real nail. It creates like original nail without noticing its fakeness. Women who wanted to lengthen nails in an instant, then this is the right solution. Also, you can make this kind of nail look nicer by applying nail polish. Yes, it is possible to apply any kind of nail polish into this fake nails. Indeed, once nail polish is applied to it, you will never think that it is not an original nail. The colorful nail polish covers the base that male the fake nail hidden. Who will know if it is not a real nail? This is the reason why a lot of women today are collecting semi-permanent nail products.

Geles constructores

Make it matte!

Matte is the most trending shade today. Women loved matte, from lipstick, foundation to nail polish. Indeed, matte products have been hunted by a lot of girls in today’s generation. For them, matte is sexy. The semi-permanent nail can be applied matte nail polish. T creates a different aura compared to the usual nail polish. Matte your nails and let everyone see how beautiful your nails are. This is also one way of showing how you express your fashion statement.