The ABS Locker Malaysia is a unique and modern storage workable solution well for a wide range of different applications.

The reality that this multifunctional locker can tolerate elevated amounts of moisture and moisture makes it a preferable alternative to the metal parts locker in so many situations. In addition to this, the abs locker malaysia is a modular design that can be assembled by the user according to their individual preferences in terms of the design arrangements. It is a choice of door colors to choose from and a multitude of distinct locking options so that you can create a locker solution that would be both visually appealing and safe for your possessions.

Best choice for your belongings

There are several different places where people make extensive use of lockers. The overwhelming majority of them go for closets constructed of solid wood, which have a rather rough appearance. The solid wood lockers on either side are not water-resistant and cannot be used in damp environments. Problems caused by mold are quite widespread in this area. Polycarbonate locks are favored by many customers because they are resistant to moisture and are significantly cheaper.

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 Availability of Varieties

ABS plastic natural resources have the appearance of translucent and ivory-colored granules when viewed physically. The reality that this was not poisonous, has no taste, and has a minimal impact on the environment is the most important trait. Goods created by it can be manufactured in a range of colors, and they have a high gloss level of 90%. Coloring is the procedure that often results in the formation of any other coloring article with a high gloss. Consequently, there is a wide variety of color options that are available for abs plastic lockers.