Trucking in America is Not What it Use to Be

It used to be true that people could drive the interstates anywhere in this country and during the day of travel would have a great chance of seeing a truck driver helping a broke down patron on the shoulder of the road. It also use to be true that people could find law enforcement helping someone change a tire, or helping someone with a broke down car. Truckers and policemen even had a camaraderie between them that was second to none on the highways. What happened to those days?

What happened to the days when truckers could count on each other for help in dire situations. Or cops could rely on truckers to help them when chasing a bad guy. Whatever happened to cars yielding to the “Big Trucks” out of courtesy? I wish I could answer those questions so I could contribute a possible solution, but I just don’t know the answers. dakota bandung

cargo ship

All I know, as a trucker, is that we need each other on the road. All of us need each other. Not just the cars, the trucks, the cops or the hitch hikers. We all need each other in one way or another. And we need to help each other every chance we get. It’s good for the soul and for the heart. It makes people humble to help another person and with that being said, the next time you see someone in distress how about do your part to help turn these memories of the past into realities of the present. If we all do this, then maybe we can regain what was lost on America’s highways.