Melanotan 2 is your best helpmate when looking for how best to get a full body tan.  The product helps to create a tan naturally on your body and it is very easy to apply. As a result, you can even do it at home without help from anyone. Additionally, melanotan 2 is safe to use and has never been linked with any unwanted side effect since it was made available to the general public. Those who are looking for a risk-free solution to tanning will do well to consider using this product.  It always works as desired.  How much melanotan 2 should I take? We will make mention of that in the course of this write-up.

How melanotan 2 works

Many have called melanotan 2 a miracle product because of the way it works on the human body. The product can stimulate your body to produce more melanin, which is the pigment responsible for skin color. The melanin will also be produced all over your body and this enables melanotan 2 to give you a full body massage. Those asking the question how much melanotan 2 should I take can start with 0.3mg to assess how their body responds to the produce before they can either increase or decrease the dosage.

melanotan dosage

What melanotan 2 does in the body is to imitate the function of the melanocortin peptides, which are peptides that appear naturally in the human body.  Theses peptides equally contribute to the formation of skin pigment in the body.  Aside from skin pigmentation, the melanocortin peptides will equally boost your immune system and increase your sexual arousal. Furthermore, studies show that melanocortin peptides contribute a great deal to how the human body responds to inflammation. There are several other benefits associated with this peptide that space will not permit mentioning. The peptides are primarily responsible for maximizing how the human body reacts to the UV ray from the sun.

Melanotan 2 imitates the melanocortin peptides and this means that it can also confer the benefits mentioned above on the end user and, therefore, bring about skin pigmentation, aside from improving the body’s immune system and sexual arousal.  The effect of melanotan 2 on tanning means that you can get that highly desired tan right there in the comfort of your home without having to expose your body to the sun and the myriads of risks associated with this. The product can be used successfully by both men and women and it has never been linked to any side effect before.