Best Comedy Movies to Cheer Your Mood

Let film be your comfort blanket and short getaway from talk of breakouts and downpours, whether you’re seeking heart-thumping comedies, soaring singalongs, family favourites, or attention-grabbing adventures.

Here are six comedy Telugu movies sure to make you go ROFL!

1-Pellikuthuru Party 

There are many amusing turns and surprises throughout the film. While Anisha kisses her sister’s fiancé, Aneesha’s older sister is getting married. She will soon organize a bachelorette getaway. However, their granny travels with them.

It’s hilarious all the time. Keep an eye out to see how the table is turned.


Varun is a rich, carefree man with a kind heart. He chooses a spouse who is more alluring than his ex-girlfriend. His relationship with Aliya’s older sister, Amulya, causes him to rethink his marriage to Aliya. Is Varun cancelling the nuptials? How did Amulya respond to that? You’re inquisitive. The wit and humour in this movie let you forget about the break from the loss.

3-DJ Tillu

A rowdy local DJ named DJ Tillu enjoys life to the fullest. Tillu maintains a façade of success. Despite his father’s disapproval of his line of work, he aspires to become a prosperous DJ in the future. One day he meets Radhika and falls in love with her right away. But Radhika pulls Tillu into a disaster, much to his amazement; however, it’s better to smile than grieve.

DJ Tillu' actor Siddhu says that he is yet to get a break like Adivi Sesh  and Vijay Deverakonda | Telugu Movie News - Times of India

4-7 Days 6 Nights 

Anand and Mangalam, two friends with diverse outlooks, go to Goa for a bachelor party. Mangala falls in love once they meet two young girls. Given that he is already engaged, Anand tries to stop Mangalam. What comes next is what makes the story fun.


The philosophy of Krishna rejects the idea of love. However, his dream is to wed a woman who can care for him much as his late mother. He wants to marry Saanvi when she enters his life. He discovers the truth about Saanvi’s previous relationship in the meantime. Will he adopt her and modify his ideology? You may view it on your own and form your own opinions about love.

6-Stand-Up Rahul 

Stand-Up Rahul is a wholesome romantic comedy about a reluctant startup employee who is unreliable in many aspects of life—finding real love at last and developing the courage to defend his parents, his love. He now works on his passion for having his own stage as Stand-Up Rahul .

Final note 

Telugu films based on true stories may be just as affecting, dramatic, unbelievable, amusing, and honest as those conceived by a writer.

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