Find The Best Place To Convert 1 BTC to INR

Over the years, Bitcoin has been an ongoing debate whether this cryptocurrency should be considered as a form of money or not. For starters, it is certainly a medium of exchange but raises questions on whether it can be perceived as something which stores value or as a unit of exchange.

The rising regulatory wars have made the free use of this digital currency as a medium of exchange less easy too. Why then is it still being able to maintain a loyal fan base? The reason is its ability to acts as currency – not only is it difficult to earn and limited in supply, but it is easily verifiable too. This is true for almost all cryptocurrency wallets, as shown by a research performed by Cambridge University which shows that in 2017, the number of unique cryptocurrency wallet users is between 2.9 million and 5.8 million, and most of them were users of bitcoin.

digital currency

The economic environment

Many merchants accept bitcoins as a form of payment. People are seeing bitcoin as prospective investment as its value has changed dramatically over the past few years as the mining increased and it got popular.

What are the pros of Bitcoin?


  • It’s value changes frequently and can be of great profits.
  • The user anonymity provided by making payments through bitcoins is preferred by many.
  • More and more merchants have started accepting this mode of payment.

Since it is all digital, transactions that have to be done to international agents can be done easily as compared to other methods. Before you get your hands in bitcoin just check the price of 1 btc to inr.