Impact of bitcoin – Kind of Crypto currency

Cryptography is traditionally the study to convert normal form into information that cannot be easily accessible by human beings through any illegal means. The kind of study is known as encryption. Cryptography ensures secrecy and cannot be read without this special knowledge. Bit coins use the technology of cryptography and hence are also called crypto currency. It has got a password of minimum 33 characters.

Types of wallets

There are different kinds of bitcoin wallets present. Mentioned as follows

Online bit coin wallet- online wallet is the easiest way to store bit coins. Proper study of it can help using it.

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Full featured bit coin wallet- another option to store bit coins. It ensures the highest amount of security. There is no chance of tampering with it over here. But this requires a lot of knowledge about computer and technology.

Smartphone wallet- By hearing the name it is clear that smart phones age accessible with this kind pouf wallet. Almost everyone owns a Smartphone in these high technological worlds today. Wi-Fi connection is required though.

It completely depends on the user which one he or she should chose deepening on his or her necessities. Someone may need high safety and password protection, while other may chops e the easier way. The one who uses a Smartphone all day may chose the other wallet. The wallets make the usage of bit coins easier and hassle free.  You can even make the payments to anywhere in the world, if you know the unique bitcoin games. Bitcoin can be transferred from India to Canada in 10 minutes. There is no intermediate bank to slow down the process, or level outrageous fees.