The Dice Game Craps

Craps is a simple game in which you bet against the house because two dice are thrown. One or more players, in turn, consider him a shooter and roll the dice. The first shot of the round is called the com role. If two bones add 7 or 11, it’s a victory or a natural one. If you add 2, 3 or 12 to the two dice, called craps, and the round starts again with the release of another role. Another 4, 5, 6, 8.9 or 10 dropped the created point. Then the shooter rolls several times until the point or number 7 rolls. This is the end of the round. If the point falls out, the same shooter throws, if 7 drops out, this is called 7, and the next player to the left, you can go here to read more.


Four bets, before the game some casinos start to add small games, if the shooter gets a lot of different points of different values. On the first, second and third unique points nothing is paid. The coefficients on the fourth are 25/1 on the fifth 252/1 and sixth on 1000/1.

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A new shooter must place a minimum on the table, either on the aisle line or not pass the line to play. Pass-line – a bet on whether the shooter will throw a total of 7 or 11 on his future role. If the shooter rolls a 2, 3, or 12, he may be lost. If the score is set and dropped again, the bet wins. If 7 falls out before he loses the bet. If you do not pass the concrete line, the opposite will lose, if you throw 7 or 11, and win, if you throw 2 or 3, 12 is a draw to give the house an advantage. If a point is created and falls again, the bet loses, if 7 falls before the score wins.


The most likely strategies for winning dice is to control the dice when throwing or replacing the dice for those who are equipped. Both are classified as frauds. As a result, the casino closely watches the dice and insists on playing the dice on the back of the table to limit the arrow’s control over the result. On the label it’s considered bad to remove the bones from the table, hold them with more than one hand, they should always be in the usual perspective.