Bitcoins are stored in special virtual wallets on your computer, or with the participation of third parties who store them for the user. Holders of such wallets can send bitcoins between themselves via the internet without any restrictions. Virtual coins can be obtained through so-called mining or buying them from market participants for other currencies. There is also a limit on the production of virtual coins, which is 21 million. It cannot be concealed that the popularity of this virtual currency is growing rapidly from year to year.

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Growing interest

The use of virtual currencies over the past few years has become a global trend. After the 2008 crisis, the view on the world of finance has changed, trust in the banking system has slightly weakened. Hence, virtual currencies had a solid foundation to exist and it happened. More and more, especially young people associated with the computer environment are interested in cryptocurrencies. These currencies not only attract the attention of computer scientists, but also investors, and the implementation of e.g. bitcoin in a selected company can be implemented by a subcontractor, which extends the scale of using bitcoin and other currencies. Interest in such solutions is growing. Just behind our western border, Japan uses bitcoin news  that have become the official means of payment in this country daily. Germany has agreed to such a step because the use of virtual currency is an innovation, thus showing that they are open to modern solutions. On the other hand, afraid of the 1923 hyperinflation nightmare, they prefer to distribute their free funds in various investments. Bitcoin is also very popular in China or the United States. More and more companies in the world are accepting this and other virtual currencies as payment. You can buy a variety of things from coffee, even to a luxury yacht.