A Salad that isn’t just healthy but reminiscent

Thai food culture has come up with a lot of dishes that prove their excellence in the diversity of food recipes and dishes that promote their culture all across the globe. A lot of thai food dishes and recipes have also been fused with other different cuisines and food cultures.

Along with the delicious set of non-vegetarian and vegetarian food dishes such as the basil fried rice with chicken thigh, the pineapple fried rice with chicken, normal fried rice with eggs, and other such chicken-based dishes and platters, they have blessed the food industry with a lot of soups too that are delicious, delightful, relaxing, fulfilling and also therapeutic.

What are the other additions provided by them?

The thai mango salad is a very new addition to the sides that are often ordered with the main course dishes. If you can’t afford a round trip around Thailand to enjoy the world-famous thai food dishes, this mango salad purchase will at least make you reminisce about the diversity and the playfulness of ingredients and spices that are used in the making of the dishes in the streets and restaurants of Thailand.

This salad is different from the other salads mainly because usually, salads don’t involve the use of mangoes, but in northern Thailand and Laos, green mangoes hold a lot of significance in the food culture, and that is why it has been able to make its way into everybody’s favorite mango centric dishes across the globe.

thai mango salad

This salad includes thin juliennes of green mango, along with fresh shallots, shredded carrots, roasted pine nuts, and a zesty splash of lime that makes this dish come all together in the best way.

This thai mango salad can be paired with various main course dishes asides and can be enjoyed properly with them. Most customers seek to enjoy this salad as it is, but a certain set of the population also loves to pair it with other dishes that enhance its taste.