4 Clash of Clans Tips to Victory

Before we proceed to the tips, have you ever wondered why Clash of Clans is a massively successful mobile game? After all, there are other buildings and raiding games in the iOS App Store and Google Play Store that are also worth mentioning, so what makes Clash of Clans different from the rest? Its simplicity is the key to its success.

Clash of Clans is a mobile app wherein just about anyone can pick and play right from the moment they download the game. Playing it is one part of the story and winning is another. New players might experience defeat after crushing defeat as more experienced individuals take advantage of their massive piles of resources to crush the living daylights out of newbies. If you want to start gaining the upper hand over your opponents, then read on as we give you 4 top tips to achieve more victories.

Protect Your Shield

 The Shield in Clash of Clans helps protect your village from any outside attack while you’re not logged into the game. After all, playing the game all the time can put a huge strain on your mobile device’s battery. Furthermore, attacking another player while the shield is still active will break it, and this will leave you vulnerable for other users to raid your village. So have patience; wait until the shield expires before rushing headstrong to raid other villages.

Join a Clan

 It’s not called “Clash of Clans” for nothing; a clan is a group of other players who go to wars together, share troops with, and chat within the app itself. Upon joining a clan, you can formulate winning strategies together, or ask for assistance if you want to get revenge on one particular player who’s constantly harassing you.

 A Good Defense is a Good Offense

 When you don’t have proper defenses lined up inside your village, then know that it’s nigh impossible to win in Clash of Clans. Once you start the game, don’t start training a massive number of troops because that’s just a recipe for disaster. Aim forupgrading your defenses first. Investing the time and effort in upgrading to the highest level cannon, archer tower, or X-Bow is invaluable to any player.

Upgrade Mines and Collectors

If you don’t have enough resources in Clash of Clans, then you’re good as dead. When you don’t have enough gold and elixirs, then you can’t train enough troops, build more traps, or produce more walls. Other than raiding other villages, you can make use of Elixir pumps, dark elixir drills, and gold mines to help you get more resources. You can also use the in-game shop to buy more resources using real cash. Other players might want to seek other forms of assistance like astuce clash of clans. Also, don’t forget to upgrade storages to allow you to house more resources which you can later use to upgrade defenses and troops.

Always remember to strategize your attacks properly before heading out to battle. A good strategy helps you use fewer resources while allowing you to gain the upper hand in battle.