Rules of survival is the same as PUBG, and it has restricted areas developed and cut down the map to the middle, which is the main game area. Though it is a restricted part will decrease blood and kill a character when you move out from there. Apart from that, the map is enormous, and it is a way to search out vehicles when you locate in a restricted area. On moving game part will be much close to contact with other players so you can enjoy playing such game with more thrilling and collect a lot of diamond to enjoy playing from beginning to ending.

rules of survival hack

App purchase:

 To play such game over the online with the help of a smartphone, the player need not want to spend money .you will use cosmetic upgrades which brings new experience at the time of playing the game. Player need not spend money on buying anything which is technically developed your rate and winning option of this game. Each player can let free to start playing below the unarmed, and there is no way to load any other default weapon to land over the ground. Some of the cheat help to promote fair and allow playing free as other battle games over the device.

 How to control the game:

 It has the same control as PUBG, and commonly it has a virtual joystick with two option such as left and right. The left part is for the screen, and the right part is used as the shoot button. Then it has not to option over the joystick such as PUBG mobile. Over the screen control of this game cheat the same problem at the time of planning to shoot a daunting task. It has three mode solo which allows playing this game with a single player so you can start the battle on your own else with team up. But it is applicable to load around five players to play at the same time, and it has 24 squads in rules over this APK file so you can make the team with your friends and connect yourself to play with FB account also.

 In case of any additional doubt just try with a helpline and official site which filled fresh ideas to move the game positively at all time. In another, the player can check out useful tips for the game which submitted by experts that assist the fresh player in winning this game at all time.