Effective Natural Supplements for Treating Lyme Disease

Antibiotic treatment is the standard treatment for Lyme disease. Prescription antibiotics are usually part of a short-term treatment plan for a disease. The drug is not a 100% treatment for Lyme disease, and most people suffer from reactions when taking certain antibiotics. It is possible to treat the infection with the help of natural supplements. Natural supplements can help with complete recovery, as well as help improve the overall health of the patient.

Lyme disease affects the entire body and translates the immune system to overload. This ultimately leads to a weakening of the body’s natural defense mechanism, which contributes to the spread of other infections, including Lyme disease. Antibiotics help the body fight infections, but they do not help the immune system and can interrupt the body’s natural healing process. If you want a successful recovery, which also ensures the well-being of the patient, herbal supplements can be a good alternative to antibiotics.

Here are some natural supplements that effectively treat Lyme disease.

• Cat’s claw or Uncariatomentosa: This is a herb that is traditionally used to fight infections, especially in South America. It reduces inflammation and supports the immune system when it fights against pathogens in the body. Several patients who had Lyme disease who used cat’s claw as part of the treatment showed positive results.

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• Ginseng Syndrome or Eleutherococcussenticosus: Ginseng increases metabolism and increases energy levels. It is a powerful herbal supplement, and research has shown that ginseng is an “adaptogen”, which means that it can cure any imbalance in the body. Oriental medicines have long used this herb in many procedures. Lyme disease patients can also benefit from ginseng because it strengthens the immune system and helps in the treatment of infections.

• Echinacea or Echinacea Purple: Herbal Supplement, which is growing in popularity, is Echinacea, with powerful healing properties. Echinacea can treat bacterial and viral conditions. The most important advantage of this supplement is that it increases the ability of white blood cells to attack pathogens in the body. This means that when used in the treatment of Lyme disease, Echinacea can help fight infections and increase immunity.

• Garlic is known as a powerful antibiotic. Garlic also has immuno stimulating properties that make it useful for treating Lyme disease.

There are other herbal supplements. Vitamin C can increase immunity and resistance of the body to diseases and infections. The spread of bacteria can be stopped with licorice and a hat.

To get the most out of natural supplements especially artemisinin lyme treatment, you need to make sure that you take it right. Always buy herbal products from reputable suppliers and take the product as prescribed. It is recommended to consult with herbalists before starting with artemisia annua health benefits. They can provide you with all the options available and even the exact dose you need to get the maximum benefit without affecting your overall health. A herbal specialist will also give you an individualized treatment plan to make sure that it is completely cured.