Ok, so you don’t actually make marijuana, you grow them. And because a lot more places legally permit you to grow them anywhere from a farm to even your backyard, it’s become a much more popular plant to keep. Of course, what you do with your marijuana is completely up to you. Some use it for serious medicinal needs while others (plenty others) tend to dabble with its more recreational uses.

Either way, you either need to buy it or grow them in batches. Purchasing it can cost you a lot so if you’re tight on cash then it’s best to just grow it yourself. It may be a different kind of plant but it needs the same things – water, air, fertilizer, and sunlight. Who knows, grow enough and you can even turn it into a business.

Let There Be Light

Growing this wonder weed can be a real breeze if you know what to give it. Did you know marijuana needs a minimum of 12 hours of sunlight hitting it? This is why during the winter months, marijuana doesn’t grow naturally. The best marijuana growers will go as far to tell you that 20 hours of light is required. But, I’ll leave that to you to decide. Natural sunlight is always best, but it may be necessary to provide supplementary lighting during darker months.

A Horticultural Home

Given that it needs light blasted on it for 12 hours or more, that probably means you’ll need a separate space to grow it. If it’s in your backyard it might be affected by the seasons and shifting clouds. There are plenty of options in the market that help you grow the weed indoors. In fact, best grow tents has a great tent choice that’s easy to set up.

Finding the Flowers

Even if it’s a weed, marijuana also produces flowers. It may not be the pretty petals you’re used to, but it’s the part that you’ll want the most from this plant. The flowering stage comes around 4-6 weeks after you first plant it. In order to do this properly, you have to be disciplined with the light and water the plant receives.

A lot of people seem to think growing marijuana is hard. Just because it’s a different type of plant doesn’t mean it needs anything differently. If you keep these in mind, you’ll see how growing them is easy as growing any other plant.