If you’re trying to find impressive morale patches, we’ve got the right resolution.   If you’ve got your own style you’ll be able to get some custom written patches done at the low introductory costs and that we can produce a written patch victimization your own style. we have a tendency to also are beginning a replacement line of styles that aren’t custom – not stock patches either, we have a tendency to still custom build every patch because it is ordered, there are not any patches sitting on the shelves waiting to be sold  – we have a bent to build the patches as you order.

Design of printings

There is a unit many of the allowed OML 2×2 Velcro morale patches in this image too. We’ll be emotional new morale patches weekly, therefore keep your eyes out for a few cool patches.  Here is a unit many of the patches that were free last week, as requested by our Dead pool morale patch lovers out there.

Our written funny morale patches area unit the latest wave in custom patches!  These patches area unit a cheap various to the standard adorned patches, and have many advantages, too. If you would like to maneuver removed from ancient adorned patches, written patches area unit the thanks to go. You’ll be able to become your own patch maker and make and style your own custom Velcro patches.

Always keep the complete style

  • Have a completed design– if you would like your final custom Velcro patch to be a circle form, ensure that your style is in a very circle shape! If you’re having your patch designed by some other person, ensure that the ultimate style is within the form that you simply need.
  • Not all shapes area unit appropriate for patches– we’ve got to marrow your written custom Velcro patches, therefore you would like to create certain that your patch style is in a very easy form – the marrow machine won’t do within corners, etc. (like a star for example) however they’ll do easy shapes: squares, circles, ovals and a few defend shapes.  The additional easy the form, the better!  Borrowing is a crucial a part of any patch, therefore it’s higher to possess the patch borrower for the knowledgeable end.


Make your style the correct size. Whereas we are clever to do inscribed patches from almost about any style that you simply send, size will matter.  Yes, I simply same that!  LOL.  If you’re causation a small fingernail image and need a 4×4 patch, you’re not progressing to have an equivalent quality inside the design: I actually have to stretch the patch bent build it a 4×4 and there’ll be a loss of detail, definition and sometimes some “pieces” or foggy components. Therefore ensure your style is large enough to be reproduced properly.