What Do You need To Know About Using Fire Blankets?

Fire blanket singapore

Fire is dangerous and fast-spreading energy. A fire is not simply a threat but a disaster waiting to happen. This is why education on fire safety is essential for everyone.Brief instructions on using a fire blanket singapore are provided here.

There are standard pieces of equipment that should be readily available in the case of a fire. You may use one of them as a blanket to protect yourself from the flames.The next few paragraphs will provide a primer on this essential piece of fire safety equipment.

A Fire Blanket: What Is It?

The fire blanket is a large sheet of fireproof material. Typically, it consists of two layers of woven glass fiber cloth separated by a fireproof coating.

Helpful for extinguishing fires before they may get out of control.

A fire blanket may be a lifesaver when someone’s clothes catch fire. But it won’t help with a blaze that’s also out of control. That’s why a fire extinguisher is a must-have for each emergency kit.

How Does It Work?

The chemical reactions in fire need oxygen to function properly. Therefore, fire blankets must not catch fire themselves and must be sufficiently insulating against both heat & oxygen.

Smothering the flames and cutting off their oxygen supply is how a fire blanket acts.Fire blankets are useful because they may be used in emergencies even if the user has no prior experience. However, it’s wise to read the directions ahead to know what to expect.

As a rule, they should be hung on a wall close to where they could be required (i.e., in your kitchen area). Fire blankets have several applications in both the classroom and the workplace.