How to increase your audience in Twitch

If you are or want to more followers on twitch, you have probably asked yourself this question over and over and over and over again. And is that in a world with two million streamers, how can I stand out? Well, although there is not a perfect recipe to grow in twitch, there are some factors that will influence the audience you will receive. There may be more, but these are the most basic:

Buy twitch followersThe language of the Stream

It seems obvious, but in case you have not noticed, the main language of Twitch is English. To hit you with some numbers, the Spanish language is in sixth place in the list of the most used languages ​​in the platform. Live channels that use the Spanish language as the main language represent 3.8%. The channels that speak English represent 78.3% of the entire site. It seems like a good time to start learning English. Do not be discouraged. Despite this, there are always streamers who speak Spanish and who have from 100 to a thousand people watching them. The advantage we have is that Twitch recommends you first the channels that are in your same language. It will give you a greater chance of being seen.

Find your Niche

An important part for any stream is finding your niche. I mean, what do you want to do that will make you stand out on Twitch. Maybe you want to make a video game show. Maybe you want to draw, make speed runs, . It is doing something that you like, that attracts visitors and makes you stand out.

You have to be interactive

The best part of Twitch is that you can talk to anyone in the world in real time. It is one of the basic characteristics of Twitch and what differs from platforms like YouTube. For the same reason, if someone goes to a channel, he expects to have interaction with the streamer (unless they are lurkers)