Mesh Wi-Fi is one of the newest trends in technologies today. The simplicity of the concept adds to its appeal. Mesh Wi-Fi extends the signal of your wireless router. It lets you enjoy reliable Internet access anywhere in your home or office. People in a large area or an unusually-shaped area will find this helpful to prevent dead zones. Poor internet connectivity is a common problem most people face. Mesh Wi-Fi solves these by taking the radio signal from your Wi-Fi router. It captures it and rebroadcasts it with improved signal strength. As a result, you have broader Wi-Fi coverage in your home or office. The reliability of your Internet connection then improves. You can now enjoy streamlined Internet connectivity with only a small downtime. Now it does not matter if you are in a bedroom or a walled-in conference room. There are a lot of benefits you could reap when you use Mesh Wi-Fi. Most people think they do not need it until they experience having it.

Increased reliability

It is the main reason why people get Mesh Wi-Fi. The reliability of the wireless Internet is paramount for most people. Dead zones are prevalent, no matter where you go. That makes it frustrating for people who are watching videos or playing games. It can also delay your work when you need to submit reports online. Losing a Wi-Fi signal in the middle of your app update or product download will give you a headache. Mesh Wi-Fi takes your router’s original wireless signal. It then rebroadcasts it at its unique strength. Your Mesh Wi-Fi units are what you call satellites. They can reproduce the signal for coverage of an entire building. It does not matter even if your router’s signal only has a range of about a hundred feet. People often choose to add a lot of mesh Wi-Fi satellites. It expands the active coverage area of your original router signal.

Speed is more consistent

Wi-Fi routers can only broadcast signal a certain distance. It gets weaker the further you are from the router. It is not the signal strength that is only affected. You also lose speed as you move further away from your router. Mesh Wi-Fi gives you a more consistent and even rate wherever you are in your home or office. Most residential areas only need one or two satellites to maintain steady speeds.

Easier network management

What is network management? It is the process of fixing, maintaining, or improving your Wi-Fi network. You need on-demand access and intimate knowledge. It will let you optimize the signal strength and reliability of a wireless network. People with in-depth knowledge of systems and matching technical skills find this helpful. Mesh Wi-Fi satellites come with built-in app integration. You can control aspects of your wireless network from an application on your devices. You can use your smartphone, tablet, or computer to download it. Modifying your system even without connectivity is now possible. You can also change your passwords, reset your primary router, and a lot more.

Google Wi-Fi vs Eero

More secure

A lot of people consider Mesh Wi-Fi as one of the most secure wireless networking strategies in the world. There is one problem most users encounter. Strangers can use their Internet connection without their permission. That seldom happens when you have Mesh Wi-Fi. You can change the network settings and kick them off. You can use authentication, security questions, and other protocols if you want. It will help you make sure your Internet is safe.

There is various Mesh Wi-Fi available in the market today. You only need to pay for a satellite one time and then add it to your wireless network. You do not have to pay for it again. Several companies manufacture their Mesh Wi-Fi satellites. The first one is Google, and they call their product Google Wi-Fi. Another great manufacturer is Eero, and they call their satellites as beacons. Most people compare Google Wi-Fi vs Eero because of their functions and appearance. Google Wi-Fi satellites look like small, white hockey pucks. Eero’s products look like little thermostats.

Google Wi-Fi gives you a lot of opportunities to customize and enjoy your home Mesh network. One satellite can already help your router cover a range of about one thousand five hundred feet. If you have three of those, then you can already cover more than three thousand feet. Google Wi-Fi will only cost you a one-time fee of about three hundred fifty.

Eero lets you choose different kinds of beacons. You can pick depending on what you want for your Mesh network. Eero will cost you more than Google. The Eero Plus service can also provide you with a wide range of networking capabilities. It simplifies a lot of networking tasks.

Choosing the one that suits your system best is vital. What may work for your friends may not be the best for you. Research well so you can choose the right one for you.