Five Hotel Etiquette Rules That Each Guest Should Know

Have you ever had problems with other hotel guests in the past? This is not an unusual occurrence. There will always be someone who will test your patience. It can be a hallway racer or someone who is more engaged in his or her mobile phone instead of watching where to go. Those people can definitely make or break your hotel experience.

Hotel etiquette is important to learn. What to wear, how to properly act, and so on. Other than that, here are five ways for you to stay classy and avoid any hotel problems:

Show Some Respect

This is one of the most important rules that every guest should follow. Respect guests, staff, and even the maintenance people. For example, if you want to have a quiet time with your spouse, go to the adult pool. Talk quietly while in the spa. If you have a baby, leave the public area when he or she starts to cry. All in all, just survey your surroundings and make sure that you show respect to the vibe of the hotel and its guests.

Wear Appropriate Attire

Wear something that is appropriate for your environment.  For example, if you are staying at the best family hotels located in Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur, you should dress the part. If you are in doubt, remember that there is no such thing as being overdressed. So pack clothes that match the location.

Be Aware Of Other People

Sometimes, there are people who forget that there are other guests too. So refrain from talking loudly in the hallway. Keep your kids from horsing around the corridors. Remember that other hotel guests might come from the other side of the world. Your morning might still be nighttime for them.

Do Not be A Mobile Phone Menace

Sometimes when you are on your phone, you forget that there are other people around you. To avoid problems, keep your phones on vibrate unless you are inside your room. Do not answer it when you are in a quiet area. If you need to take the call, go somewhere else where you can use your voice.

Think Of Your Neighbors

Sure you rented your own room, but be mindful that behind those walls, there are others who also want to have a peace and quiet. Bear in mind that not all hotel walls are thick. Yes, you are on your holiday to enjoy with your family or friends, but remember that you should not do it at the expense of other people. Respect the hotel quiet hours. Refrain from making too much noise even if you are inside your room.

Knowing the basic rules that you have to follow as a hotel guest is very important. It doesn’t matter where you are staying. Make sure that you are mindful of following the rules mentioned above. Remember, you are not the only guest. There are others who are like you, would also want to enjoy their holiday.