In this movie, songs will make anyone emotional

The entertainment industry’s ever-changing scenario forced many producers and movie fans to adapt to the world without theatres. Due to the pandemic, many places were closed, and theatres were one of them to restrict social gathering. The frustrated movie lovers turned their attention towards the OTT streaming platforms to view new movies. People started buying subscriptions for new streaming services. These services gave the viewers a chance to watch new movies and web series that they had plans to watch but could not. One such streaming platform that gained a lot of attention was the South Indian film industry launched OTT Aha. Since the day it was launched, it has been a favourite, and everyone gets to watch Telugu full movies online.

A romantic movie that surprised the audiences and the critics alike is the 2020 Telugu movie Colour Photo. This movie is about two students pursuing engineering who fall in love with each other. The girl Deepti is fair and beautiful, whereas the boy Kanayya is a dark-skinned boy. They fall head over heels and do not take into account the difference in their skin colours. Deepti’s brother Rama Raju is a police officer who does not wish to marry his sister to a dark-toned guy. The matter gets serious when Rama Raju realises that his sister is in love with a dark-skinned guy and tries to separate them. Since the movie is also based around the 90s, where the colour of the skin played a crucial role in getting together and marriage, this story about two love birds will make you realise that the colour of the skin is not important when it comes to love.

The movie is well written, and the director also does a phenomenal job of expressing all the emotions correctly. The movie’s cast includes Suhas, ChandiniChowdary, Harsha, Sunil andVepadaSubba Rao, among others. Sandeep Rao is the director of the movie and was produced by Sai Rajesh Neelam and Benny Muppaneni. Sandeep Raj did the screenplay, and KaalaBhairava composed the music. The movie was distributed by Aha OTT streaming platform and was released on 23 October 2020. Sai Rajesh wrote the story, and Venkat R Shakauri did amazing cinematography. The movie’s total runtime is around 142 minutes and was an instant hit as soon the movie was released on the streaming platform.

When directing such romantic movies, it is important to keep in mind the characters and their emotions. The director has clearly expressed the various emotions and feelings of the characters at different points. The actors have played their part perfectly and have delivered such complex emotions with ease. The music, narration and soundtrack give the movie an emotional feel and relate to the situation. Since the director has previously worked on short films, it was a new experience for the director to handle a bigger crew and deliver such an awesome movie.

To sum it up

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